In time I hope to introduce some non-human species to Legends, but for the nonce race in the context of the game refers to the different human races and ethnic groups.

Be aware that I am aware that the current thinking is that there are no distinct races. However, recent work in human genetics has pointed to the existence of distinct races under the species we know as Home sapiens. At no time should one see any human race found in Legends as being inferior in any manner.

In short, in the world of the Legend Earth there are a number of different races, and a number of different hybrids or mixtures as well. To learn what race your HP belongs to you need to roll a set of percentile dice, which can be done by rolling a pair of D10s, designating one as the tens and the other as the ones, then consulting the chart just below. This will give you the broad racial group your character belongs to

Die Roll Base Race
01-10 Black Race
11-20 Brown Race
21-40 Red Race
41-90 White Race
91-00 Yellow Race

Now you get to roll to see which specific race your HP belongs to.

Black Race

Die Roll Race
01-25 Ethiopian
26-60 African
61-95 Mixed possibly including other races)
96-00 Magmurian/Melanesian

Brown Race

Die Roll Race
01-25 Hindic
26-40 Islander {South Seas/Micronesian
41-90 Mixed (possibly including other race)
91-00 Lemurian

Red Race

Die Roll Race
01-25 Egyptian
26-50 Atlantlan
51-90 Mixed (possibly including other races)
91-00 Amazonian/Vargaardian

White Race

Die Roll Race
01-30 Northern/Western European
31-50 Southern European/North African
51-90 Mixed (possibly including other races)
91-00 Asian

Yellow Race

Die Roll Race
01-25 West Asian
26-50 West Asian Mixed (possibly including other races)
51-60 East Asian
61-80 East Asian Mixed (possibly including other races)
81-00 Mixed (possibly including other races)

You determine race (note that you can select your race if you’d rather chose) for the most part to determine where your HP comes from. If, for example you chose or rolled up East Asian Mixed, then your character would come from a country where people of mixed East Asian race can be found.

One other thing to note is that West or North European characters are selected for, assuming random die rolls.

Should your second die roll came up “mixed”, that assumes that your character is a mix of two of the general race’s sub-races. Thus an HP of mixed black race is most likely a Ethiopian and African hybrid, while a person of mixed Brown race would tend to be of Hindic and Asian White blood.

In the case of West Asian Mixed and East Asian Mixed, the former would be predominately of West Asian Yellow ancestry, with some East Asian, and the reverse in the latter case.

Note that three races are not at all friendly to those of mixed blood, with certain exceptions. First, the Lemurians pride themselves on their racial purity and tend to kill infants born of miscegenation. The same is true of the Atlantlan, though they are not as avid to see infanticide done. The Magmurian in contrast will allow Magmurian/Melaneian hybrids live, but tend to treat those poorly. Infants of mixed Magmurian/other race blood get exposed, if not killed out right.

The Egyptians once tended to look down on those of mixed race, if not kill them in the crib. What with the growing population of Ethiopian and African blacks and North African whites, and all the opportunities for race mixing that presents to red Egyptians, pure blooded red Egyptians have decided to let things go where they may, and do what they can to insure the new mixed blood Egyptians will inherit a healthy, vibrant Egypt.

With race determined, and point of origin decided, we now go on to determining socio economic class.


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