Welcome to Tales of the Wolf Folk Sea

This is a new campaign for the Dangerous Journeys: Mythus game designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Newton and now owned by Wizards of the Coast. Wolf Folk Sea is also the test bed for my re-working of Mythus for a derivative work to be known as Infinite Adventures: Legends for later self-publication.

I’m currently looking for players for a face to face campaign, and correspondents for world and game design, which will be featured in the campaign wiki. I’m pretty much learning as I go, so don’t expect anything too fancy at the start of things. My first goal is to get world design started, in a project called The Ki Project, and I’ll explain the name later.

Told you this page was going to change. We start with the first page in my ongoing world creation exercise, The Ki Project. There you’ll see an introduction to the world of Ki and, given time, links to more information on the project.

Tales of the Wolf Folk Sea